At an altitude of 300m the air temerature is at least 2 degrees lower that Porec. In the winter snow falls and lasts for a day or two and a kilometer away it is gone. The microclimate in Deklevi contributes to better wine acids and preservation of taste. The wines are refreshing and rich in flavor, have fullness of taste and creaminess, and are further emphasized with cold maceration for a minimum of 12-48 hours for each variety. The duration of maceration depends on the health condition and ripeness, so a seperate duration of maceration is decided for each harvest and location. Wines from Deklevi are fine even after a year beacause of the beautiful acids.


From ym uncle I inherited the land and continued the tradition of my grandparents on the same land under the name Vicinim. On red soil the vineyards stretch to 210m above sea level. Dominated by Istraian Malvasia , which is produced with indigenous yeasts with short-term cold maceration.
At 6 degrees the skin, juice and meat stand and then go to pressing. Hence the exceptional golden color.
There is also Cabernet Sauvignon, which has beautiful floral aromas at the Markovac location, and our elegant RE Rosso wine is also made from Markovac.
The mild Mediterranean climate, winds and air currents coming from the sea contribute to the health of the vineyards.

With two different locations of vineyards with a total area of 7ha, we produce 2000 litres per year.